Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Kids' Journal- Volume 2

A kitty adventure by: Krafty_Kitty

When I was at Florida, it was great. Back there I knew a stray cat named Toby. I cared for him like he was my own. I loved him. But the mysterious thing about that cat was that I never knew what crazy things that cat was up to. But one day, I was all detective.

It was a regular day just like any other. I was playing in my backyard, when Toby scurried up to me. He gave me one of his 'follow me' looks. I had no choice but to do it. But I noticed that he dropped something at my feet before he gave me his looks. I picked up a dusty notebook, it was stained and soggy, and I thought hard. "Eww!' I screeched. It was from my friend's garbage can.

I followed Toby across the street and he gave me a glass bottle that said, 'follow the shining light, up in the sky, but is very bright'. I thought some more. I saw fireflies. "Fireflies!" I said. "Follow the fireflies!" Me and Toby rushed after the dazzling insects.

"Hello!" My sister frightened me."I trained Toby and I got the clues out." 
"It was a whole amazing experience at a  whole 'nother level!" I explained.

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