Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Kids' Journal- volume 1

A trip to the big city  By: Krafty_Kitty

One day me and my family were on a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. It took a while to get there, but we saw so many amazing places on the way. After we got of the first inner state, we went on a big highway. Many roads leaned above us. Many cars dived down on a rocky twist or a dizzy turn. I was amazed. We stopped at a red light, and then we saw big skyscrapers and tall hotels. We made it to the big city.

In Atlanta, it was fun to get lost. We passed many cars and trucks. And the best thing was that we got to see famous buildings.

We smiled as we sped around the News Station. Me and my sister screamed as we passed the amusement park. We saw the Coca Cola museum, and right around the corner, we were there. We were at the Georgia Aquarium. We parked and went up the stairs to find ourselves in a big building, such as the Great Georgia Mall, but just filled with ocean animals and themes. We had a great time; but the best part was spending time with my family.


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