Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Kids' Journal- Volume 5

When creating a blog, you need to use internet safety, what to write in a blog, tips, and more. Here is a post that will help you understand what to do with a blog.

Internet safety

Using the internet without an adult's  protection under the age of 13 could be dangerous. when people ask you for your password to a website or anything like Facebook or Twitter, they want to hack your account. Do not answer questions like:

What is your password?
What is your real name?
What is your phone number
Where is your house?

Without an adult's trust, ignore those questions. Also, do not give out personal information about you or anybody else. You could get in trouble or get hurt. Don't give info about things like your name, age, school, grade, family, or what you look like. Do not post pictures of yourself or your personal belongings. Somebody might steal your stuff. 


 You might need ideas to help you write blog posts. Take me for example. I blog about what I like and know. I could also write about animals and the nature around me. If you take a walk in the park, bring a notebook or journal. Write about what you see. Then, type what you wrote on your blog. Tell the commenters to only post kind words on their comments, they may hurt your feelings. But, don't worry about it. Don't listen to the haters. Do your own thing.

When you create your blog, you need a topic for your post. You need a beginning, middle, and  end, like a storybook. Write about wonderful lands and magical surroundings around you.

A right feeling

When blogging, you need a positive feeling, believe in yourself.   


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